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Helping Us Help You

  •  No one is permitted to board the vessel until the crew has arrived and has given authorization. Access to the boat must remain clear of baggage until otherwise instructed by staff.


  • The ferry always leaves as scheduled.


  • Reservations are recommended. Please email your requests with the names of each passenger you are reserving for, and the time, date, and location of departure to Confirmation will be sent to you.



  • Your reservation must be made 24 hours in advance, and becomes void should you not be ready for loading 15 minutes prior to departure time. Your space will be given away to someone without a reservation and you may have to wait for a second run if the ferry is full. Please check the schedule before hand.


  • Unloading- There is a designated unloading area in Caribou, parallel to the Pictou Island Ferry dock. Do not block the ferry ramp. If the unloading area is full, hang back out of the way until a space opens. Cars may then be parked in the compound above the PEI ferry terminal.


  • Passengers are permitted to carry on 200 lbs of lightweight cargo (under 40lbs) at no charge. Baggage must be ready on the wharf for loading 15 minutes before departure.


  •  When depositing your belongings at wharf side, please place these items in their designated area.    


  •   Those passengers with bicycles, or who require special assistance with boarding, are asked to advise us when placing your reservation. It is also requested that they be ready to load 20 minutes before departure


  • Anyone with oversized cargo is asked to call in advance for approval, as space is limited, particularly during the typically busier runs. Please be mindful when packing your luggage; nothing should be heavier than one person can manage.  Remember that each passenger is ultimately responsible for the loading and unloading of cargo; however, the crew will give directions as to how and when loading takes place. Remember to label your cargo to avoid confusion.


  • Keep your valuables with you


  •   All garbage coming off the island must be labeled, and it is the responsibility of its owner to take it off the wharf and put it in the designated receptacle at the Caribou dock.  Do not send garbage off the island unless you accompany it.


  • To ensure a smooth transition on and off the ferry during busy runs, staff direct the passengers with the loading and unloading of cargo. Those not required to assist are asked to remain seated until given the ok by the crew, at which time we ask that you take your personal belongings, disembark the vessel, claim your baggage and move it away from the unloading area.


  •   Double runs occur when the ferry has met full capacity and there are still passengers waiting on the wharf before the scheduled departure time. At that time, the ferry will depart, and those remaining on the wharf must be waiting, with all baggage ready to load the boat, when the ferry returns, as the ferry will depart immediately following its return.


  •  Sunday Ferry Run- the policy is as follows:



    The 3 PM ferry is considered a “scheduled second run” that was introduced to alleviate a pile-up at the 5 PM run allowing people going off to plan their afternoon and not spend hours lining up at the wharf.Therefore, if the 5 PM is full, the 3 PM must be filled before there will be a second run at 5.  If both runs are full, there will be a second run, or as many runs as necessary, to get everyone off of the Island.